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Games In Progress:

1981 Bally Centaur (will be keeping this one)
1984 Williams Space Shuttle
1993 Williams White Water
1979 Williams Tri Zone

Games Previously Sold:

1968 Gottlieb PlayMates $$ SOLD
Rare Gottlieb Wedge Head Add-a-Ball
Works 100%.  Completely cleaned top and bottom.  All mechanisms repaired. 
Finished Game Pictures

1999 Sega South Park $$ SOLD
Works 100%.  Completely cleaned top and bottom.  All mechanisms repaired. 
Finished Game Pictures

1986 Williams Pinbot. 
Works 100%.  Completely cleaned top and bottom.  All mechanisms repaired.
Playfield has factory mylar protection so it is in great shape.
NEW PinScore LED display system installed.
Finished Game Pictures

1993 Data East Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle - $$ SOLD

Finished Game Pictures

1996 Sega baywatch.  $$ SOLD
This game is in perfect working condition.  Game features include ramps, wireforms, multiball play, shaker motor, video modes, and music.  This game is plug and play.  Cosmetically, this game is in very nice condition with no playfield wear and a nice unfaded cabinet.  Don't pay the high price you would find on this game at a retail store.  I got this game in a bulk deal so can offer it at this price.

1981 Stern Iron Maiden.  $$ SOLD
This low production Stern game has a wide body playfield, multiball, and a two level playfield.  Pretty advanced for 1981.  The game also has an incredible back glass and playfield graphics package. 

Iron Maiden Pictures (as received, before any work)
Iron Maiden Pics (completed).

1978 Gottlieb Sinbad.   For Sale - $SOLD. Completely Shopped Out.
Restored. Varathane Clearcoated Playfield for long life.
Sealed Backglass.  New Pascal CPU board for maximum reliability.
Restoration Pictures.
Finished Game Pictures.

1975 Gottlieb Super Soccer.  For Sale - $SOLD. Shopped out with new rubbers.
All lights working.  Score reels cleaned.
Playfield cleaned and waxed. Sealed Backglass.
Set to operate on free play (may be converted back to coin play also)
Working 100%.
Finished Game Pictures

1976 Gottlieb Royal Flush.   For Sale - $SOLD
Restoration Pictures.
Finished Game Pictures.

1980 Williams Blackout

Keeper Games (not for sale)

1992 Bally Addams Family

1976 Gottlieb Royal Flush
As Received Pictures.

1994 Williams Star Trek the Next Generation
Restoration Pictures - Under Playfield.
Restoration Pictures - Above Playfield.
Finished Game Pictures.

2003 Stern Lord of the Rings
This is the first game we have purchased that has never been on location.
Lord of the Rings Pictures.