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The M Brew Pinball League

  177 Vester Street
 Ferndale, MI 48220

Come and play pinball for fun and competition at The M Brew Pinball League!

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Please send an email to parker@michiganpinball.com if you would like to join.  Please include your name and the email address best to contact you at.   You can also sign up at the M-Brew.

General League Information:

  • Players will be grouped into four player matches.
  • Players will play five games.
    • The highest score on the game will receive 9 league points.
    • The second highest score will receive 7 league points.
    • The third highest score will receive 5 league points.
    • The fourth highest score will receive 4 league points.
  • League points for each game for the night will be added up and players ranked from high to low. 


  • Finals will be 2 person match play.
  • Each match will be best 2 out of 3 games.
    • The higher seeded player picks game or order for game 1 of the match.  The other player makes the remaining choice.
    • The lower seeded player pick games or order for game 2 of the match.  The other player makes the remaining choice.
    • The higher seeded player picks game or order for game 3 of the match.  The other player makes the remaining choice.
    • In the unlikely event 2 players tie on a game the same game will be immediately replayed with players playing in the same order.
    • The first player to win 2 games moves on to the next round. 
    • Only play game 3 if necessary.
    • A player may not pick the same game more than once during a given match.
    • Players must choose an open game - no waiting for games at any time. 
      • However, players may wait if the game they want to play is on the last ball. 
        • In the case of 1 player EM games, players may wait if the second player is playing.
    • Note: seeding remains the same throughout finals night - there is no reseeding between rounds.
  • Extra Balls are not to be played in the finals.  If an Extra Ball is earned then the ball will be plunged by player.  Once the ball is plunged the player may not touch the game.  The player is allowed to use the flippers to set up a skill shot BEFORE plunging the ball.
  • Certain skills that are abusive to games are not allowed including those listed below.  If a player employs one of these skills then they lose the current game in play.
    • Bang Backs
    • Death Saves
    • Lifting of the game.
  • Tilting is a normal part of play.  However, on some machines, an aggressive tilt may reset the game or cause the next players ball to immediately tilt before the next player has a chance to plunge their ball.  If this occurs, the player causing the issue loses the current game in play.
  • Results will be submitted in the order of finishers for World Pinball Player Ranking Points.
    • Results position 1-8 will be A group, 9-16 B group, etc.
    • Players not attending finals night will be reported as finishing behind players attending finals.
      • The order of non-attending players will be based on the final seeding.
    • Non significant ties will be decided based on final seeding.
      • Example if 2 players are tied for sixth, the higher seeded player will receive 6th and the lower seeded player 7th.
League results and rankings will be posted on this web page.